Add new website Link in Google Analytics, manage, track new website traffic

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How to Add a new website Link in Google Analytics, manage, track new website traffic How to analyse you website traffic, how to control, how to analyse website data, how to manage website traffic, How to Add Google Analytics Tracking to a Website. How to Add Google Analytics code to Your Website

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How to add a new website Link in Google Analytics and get google analytics tracking code

IF you create a new website and add a new website link in existing google analytic.
So follow this step

Login Google Analytics Account

Go to Admin Link Show Bottom Side

Show three column Account, Property, View

Go to Property and click New Property

So Add Website name

Website Link and submit

Get Tracking Code and copy past in your website in header side

How to track new website traffic, visiting user

Check New website traffic, visiting user and performance for new website.So create a Account in google analytics
Google analytic is a best tool for control and manage website traffic, performance.Number of paid and free analytic Tool are available online such that Alexa, google analytics so on but google analytics tool are free

Web Analytic Tools List

Church Analytics
Open Web Analytics

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